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As a frontend developer, my expertise lies in the development of web3 and metaverse applications. With a unique blend of artistic and technical skills, I excel at crafting highly engaging online experiences.

I love building immersive web apps with Three.js and @react-three/fiber inside Next.js and React.

Throughout my career, I have worked for several prominent blockchain companies, including Coinsquare, Canada's largest cryptocurrency exchange, and IOST, a proof-of-stake blockchain platform based in Asia.

Currently, my focus is on web3 and browser-based metaverse development. In 2022 I helped RaveSpace, one of the world's leading metaverse development studios, launch their Musee Dezentral project, a museum dedicated to NFTs.

Now, I run my own metaverse studio XELEVEN, where we specialize in building immersive 3D metaverse sites for clients such as Nike, House Of Persona, and Bauhaus Earth. We recently built our own metaverse called the Spirit Realm. I believe that Spirit Realm best represents what I am capable of creating.


Here are a few of my recent projects, as well as some of my thoughts that I write for my blog.

Chainlink in Berlin Invited me to speak about the future of web3

In 2022, I spoke about the future of web3 at Chainlink in Berlin. At the time I was working for RaveSpace.io.

ThreeJS Metaverse Spirit Realm

The ThreeJS Metaverse was built with a WebGL library called ThreeJS, more specifically React Three Fiber a React library for ThreeJS.

Scroll-based animated website for XELEVEN

I built a scroll-based animated website for XELEVEN, my metaverse and web3 studio. I want to make the web less boring!

Exploring Next.js 13 Features

Exploring Next.js 13 Features: A New Era for React Development

What are JavaScript Sets?

JavaScript Sets were introduced in 2015 with the release of ES6.At first glance, they may seem like a hash or an array, but there are some major differences.

How To Load a GLTF or GLB

In this tutorial, I will show you how to load a GLTF or GLB, in the example, I create a website header that is a GLB file using React.

next.js with headless WordPress rest API

I recently built a site for a client using Next.js with headless WordPress rest API, a convenient and easy way to build a CMS.

What is Web3? AKA Web 3.0

There is a lot of hype these days around NFTs, blockchain, and crypto, which has many people asking 'What is web3?"

Immersive Website for House Of Persona

I recently built an immersive website for House Of Persona, a digital fashion label from London, UK. It was built with ThreeJS.